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Door sign asking visitors to not knock, resident has severe PTSD. Photo by Patricia Murphy.

Less Than Honorable: Sexual Assault In The US Military

In 2010 there were 116 reports of sexual assault at military installations in Washington state. In this three–part series we look at what is being done to address the problem, the role of the commanding officer after an assault is reported and the psychological the fallout for victims.

Less Than Honorable: Sexual Assault In The US Military, reported by Patricia Murphy.


Liz Peter is a 19–year–old refugee originally from South Sudan. Photo by Chantal Anderson.

Refugees In Puget Sound: Navigating A New Home In The Northwest

Washington is the 13th most populated state, but we are the 8th highest receiver of refugees in the country. Refugees come to Washington from all over the world, but the largest groups come from Burma, Iraq, Bhutan and Somalia. In this four–part radio series, Jessica Partnow explores the refugee experience in Puget Sound.

Refugees In Puget Sound: Navigating A New Home In The Northwest, reported by Jessica Partnow.


Gates Foundation's new headquarters, Seattle, 2011. Photo by edgeplot.

Changing The Sound: Seattle From Boeing To Biotech

On September 24, 1991, Nirvana released its first major label album, "Nevermind." The record's instant success made Seattle an international music mecca, and it marked Seattle's slow evolution from a city that had been defined first as a logging town, then home to airplane–maker, Boeing, into a cultural tastemaker and high technology incubator. In 2011, Seattle has emerged as the world–class city the first white settlers envisioned in 1851 when they named their Alki beach enclave, "New York by and by."

Changing The Sound: Seattle From Boeing To Biotech, reported by Marcie Sillman.


Photos by Jon Martin and Dominic Black.

Behind The Cascade Curtain

The Cascade Curtain is a phrase that originates somewhere back in the mists of time — it's that mysterious. But it sums up what can seem like an essential truth about Washington state. In this four–part series, Dominic Black explores what the Cascade Curtain is, what it means and how it affects the way we view Washington state.

Behind The Cascade Curtain, reported by Dominic Black.


Photo by John Ryan.

Danger At Work

Everybody has a right to a safe workplace — that's the law. But the law is seldom enforced, and thousands of Americans die on the job each year; many more are injured. KUOW's John Ryan goes behind the scenes of some of the Puget Sound region's riskiest and most violent jobs.

Danger At Work, reported by John Ryan.