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Where to begin? Photo by Ms. Tea.

How to Be a Caller

Callers are the heart of the talk shows on KUOW – we want to hear what you have to say! Throw us your challenging questions, share your amazing stories, and get in on the conversation. Here's our guide for you:

What happens when I call?

The call–screener will pick up the phone and thank you for calling. You'll be asked for your first name, the city/neighborhood you live in, and your comment. Then you'll be put on hold to wait for the program host to introduce you on–air.

VERY IMPORTANT! Please turn off your radio. You'll hear the show through your telephone while you're on hold. We're on a delay so if your radio is on, you might miss your turn on the air!

How will I know when I'm on the air?

You'll hear the host say your name and the place you're calling from. At that point just say hello and dive right in!

How can I improve my chances of getting on the air?

  • The host will word the questions carefully to give listeners a guide to what we're looking for that day.
  • The best comments and questions are often based on personal experience. What's your personal experience with the topic on the air?
  • Try to be brief. You may have a lot of great points to make, but unfortunately, we won't have time to hear all of them. What's the ONE story, opinion or question you most want to share?
  • It may help to make your point out loud before you give us a call. If nobody else is around, try it out on your dog or cat... How does it sound? Did your pet seem interested?
  • If you don't get through on the phone, please email us. We read all your emails, and some make it on the air.

I see "The Conversation" has a feedback line. How do I use that?

When you call the listener feedback line before the show airs, you'll get a voicemail recording. Leave a brief comment after the beep. Thanks for calling! We listen to all your comments and we play some of them on the air during the show.

The Conversation Contacts
phone icon

206.543.KUOW / 800.289.KUOW

Live Call–in Line


Feedback Line

email icon conversation at kuow dot org


Weekday Contacts
phone icon

206.543.KUOW / 800.289.KUOW

Live Call–in Line

email icon weekday at kuow dot org