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Slate's Political Gab Fest

Ross Reynolds
10/04/2012 at 12:00 p.m.

Toxic Tax Upheld: Today the Washington Supreme Court unanimously upheld as constitutional the voter–approved Model Toxics Control Act. Laura Watson joins Ross to discuss the ruling and how the state manages revenue from the Hazardous Substance Tax.

Slate Political Gabfest: Slate magazine editor David Plotz and senior editor Emily Bazelon join Ross in the studio to serve up their irreverent, witty, no–holds–barred commentary on last night's presidential debate and the upcoming election.


Laura Watson is the assistant attorney general and section manager with the Ecology Division of the Washington State Office.

David Plotz is the editor of Slate magazine and the author of "The Genius Factory: The Curious History of the Nobel Prize Sperm Bank" and "Good Book."

Emily Bazelon is a senior editor at Slate magazine, a contributing writer at the New York Times Magazine, and the Truman Capote Fellow for Creative Writing and Law at Yale Law School.

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