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Debating Initiative 1185: Two-Thirds Vote To Raise Taxes

Steve Scher
09/27/2012 at 10:00 a.m.

Debating Initiative 1185: Tim Eyman's "Son of 1053" initiative on the November ballot would require a two–thirds vote by the state legislature or voter approval to raise taxes in Washington. This is the fifth time the question has gone before voters. So far, it's passed every time but this year there may be a twist. Earlier this week, the Supreme Court of Washington state heard arguments on whether the two–thirds rule is allowed under Washington state's constitution.

Radio Retrospective: The End Of The Golden Age: The official end of the Golden Age of Radio was 50 years ago this month. We explore why dramatic radio shows died with the advent of television, and ask the question: could it have survived?

Recommended Eating: Sara Dickerman joins us with a lunch recommendation. Prefer to cook for yourself? She also has a pick for a great cookbook!


Representative Ed Orcutt is a Republican representing Washington state's 18th District, which includes Kalama and Battle Ground.

Doug MacDonald co–chairs the "No on I–1185" campaign. He the former head of Washington state's Department of Transportation.

Sara Dickerman writes for Slate, Saveur, The New York Times and other publications. She's also blogging at

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