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Seattle Public Schools Superintendent Jose Banda

Steve Scher
09/27/2012 at 9:00 a.m.

Group Calls For Seattle City Council To Be Elected By District: Seattle is one of the few large cities in the US that still has an at–large City Council. Voters have upheld the at–large system three times in the past, in 1975, 1995 and 2003. A group called Seattle Districts Now wants to elect City Council members by district — they say district representation moves council members closer to citizens and neighborhood problems. We talk with one of the coordinators of the campaign.

Seattle Public Schools Superintendent Jose Banda: New superintendent Jose Banda says he'll take a go–slow and listen approach for his first year as head of Seattle's public school system. He's highlighted "data–informed decisions" and a "going–to–college culture" as tools for serving the nearly 50,000 students in the district, and faces the challenge of growing public school enrollment as Washington state considers whether to allow charter schools. Jose Banda joins us.

Art Of Our City – Cheryl West: Seattle Repertory Theater opens its 50th season this weekend with the world premiere production of "Pullman Porter Blues," a play with music by Cheryl West. West says the story of the 20th–century Pullman porters — the men who worked the luxury trains — is a piece of American history that many people don't know about. Her play is the story of three men working a train from Chicago to New Orleans one momentous night in 1937.

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"Pullman Porter Blues" runs through October 28 at Seattle Repertory Theatre.


Eugene Wasserman is president of North Seattle Industrial Association and coordinator of Seattle Districts Now, the group in favor of changing City Council's at–large districts.

Jose Banda is superintendent of Seattle Public Schools.

Cheryl West is an American playwright whose works include "Before It Hits Home," "Jar the Floor" and "Holiday Heart." Her latest is "Pullman Porter Blues."

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