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Largest Minority Lacks Political Representation - Part III

Ross Reynolds
09/26/2012 at 12:00 p.m.

State Supreme Court Reviewing Supermajority Initiative: The Washington Supreme Court is reviewing Tim Eyman's supermajority initiative to see if it's constitutional to require a two-thirds majority to raise taxes. KUOW's Austin Jenkins has more.

Hospitals Penalized For Medicare Readmissions: About one out of five Medicare patients returns to the hospital within a month after being discharged. Those readmissions are often preventable. KUOW's Ruby de Luna reports that starting in October Medicare will penalize hospitals with high readmission rates.

Beacon Hill Food Forest Coming Soon: Volunteers are about to dig up a large grassy hillside and make it into the nation's largest food forest on public land. Seven empty acres will soon be planted with fruits and vegetables for the community to enjoy. KUOW's Lesley McClurg has the details.

The Latino Vote, Part Three: Latino voters have an edge for the first time in one of the Northwest's major Hispanic hubs. Redistricting gave them a majority. You might think the Latino candidate there would now be a shoo–in, but that's not the case. KUOW's Jessica Robinson has our latest story on why the region's largest minority group has so little clout in the political arena.

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