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Ensuring Basic Education Access For Adults

09/18/2012 at 12:40 p.m.

In Washington state, 1 in 6 adults doesn't have the basic reading, writing, or math skills required to get a job, but only about 5 percent of those adults have access to education that would enable them to earn a living wage. These adults will make up almost all of the growth in Washington's workforce over the next 20 years. Today Ross talks to advocates who are working to ensure that Washington's adult learners get a chance to succeed on the job, at home and in the community.


Dr. Bob Hughes is an associate professor of adult education and Interim Dean of Education at Seattle University.

Donna Miller–Parker is the vice president for instruction at South Seattle Community College.

Shellie Walters is the chair of ProLiteracy's Student Advisory Council. She works at Pemco Insurance as the resource coordinator for the mail service center.

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