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Tongan Cultural Values Hold Strong In South Seattle

Ross Reynolds
09/14/2012 at 12:00 p.m.

Emerging Contaminants Feminizing Puget Sound Fish: The Clean Water Act was created 40 years ago and it has been largely successful at reining in industrial pollution and improving water quality. But there are some contaminants the Clean Water Act was never designed to control, and they're having adverse affects on Puget Sound's fish populations. Ashley Ahearn has the latest installment in our ongoing EarthFix series "Clean Water: The Next Act."

Tongan Family's Foreclosure Struggle Highlights Cultural Gap: People in the South Pacific island nation, the Kingdom of Tonga, have a strong cultural value of making sure "no one is homeless and no one goes hungry." A Tongan woman in Seattle tries to hold onto that tradition, even as she faces home foreclosure. KUOW's Liz Jones brings us the story.

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