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Intiman Theater Is Back

Marcie Sillman

Seattle's Intiman Theater will be back next year. KUOW's Marcie Sillman reports.


The financially–strapped company closed its doors in early 2011, with no plans to reopen. But supporters raised a million dollars to produce a scaled back festival this summer.

Intiman Managing Director Keri Kellerman says the question was whether the theater could bring back audiences it had lost during the closure:

Kellerman: "We are so excited to say we're back in the 2013 season. We accomplished everything that we said that we wanted to do. We were going to raise a million dollars in advance. We were going to put on a foreplay festival in July and August that included a repertory company of actors, and we did it."

But Intiman still owes several hundred thousand dollars to creditors, including the Seattle Center. Kellerman says Intiman has managed to pay down about $175,000 of that debt.

Kellerman: "We still have a significant chunk to go, but we are working with and negotiating with all of our creditors in good faith, and our goal is to actually have that paid down by the end of 2014."

Intiman's lease at the Playhouse at Seattle Center is set to expire this fall. The theater will rent back performance space next summer from whomever assumes the new lease on the building.

I'm Marcie Sillman, KUOW News.

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