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Man Charged For Threatening Obama Due Back In Court

Liz Jones

A man accused of threatening to kill President Barack Obama is due back in federal court in Seattle Monday.


[Ed.: After this story was filed, the detention hearing for Anton Calouri was cancelled. Both parties agreed for the defendant to remain in custody pending trial. (8/28/2012)]

A judge is set to decide if the defendant, Anton Calouri, should be released or detained while his trial is pending.

Emily Langlie is a spokeswoman with the US Department of Justice in Seattle:

Langlie: "The judge can consider two things: one is risk of flight and the other is dangerousness to the community. And those are really the only two factors that he can consider.

According to the charging documents, Calouri sent a profanity–laced death threat against President Obama.

Federal agents say the Federal Way resident sent the message from his Hotmail account to a general FBI account.

He referenced a "cop killing spree" and he listed the address where he lives with his mother.

When federal agents showed up at his apartment, they say Calouri opened the door, armed with a sawed–off shotgun. Police wrestled him to the ground and arrested him.

A later search of his apartment turned up several more loaded, high–power weapons and stocks of ammunition.

Calouri is charged with making threats against the president and assault of a federal agent.

The US Attorney's Office confirms that Calouri had served in the Navy.

I'm Liz Jones, KUOW's News.

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