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Two Men Arrested In Veterans Affairs Fraud

Patricia Murphy

Two of the men the feds say were involved in a fake travel voucher scheme at a VA Medical Center in Seattle were planning to open a medical marijuana dispensary with the money. They were arrested at the VA Medical Center on Beacon Hill.


Nick Hall and Keishjaun Daniels worked as travel clerks for the Veterans Health Administration. The Justice Department says they conspired with veterans to steal more than $110,000 in travel money intended to reimburse patients for appointment travel.

The two men were charged with fraud. They were in US District Court in Seattle this week.

The feds say Hall and Daniels recruited five veterans to submit phony travel vouchers, then demanded kickbacks.

Defendant T. J. Taylor was reimbursed $23,000 for travel from Richland to Seattle. His actual address was in West Seattle.

Taylor told investigators Daniels planned to use the money to start up a marijuana dispensary.He eventually agreed to wear a hidden camera and recorded the voucher transactions for investigators. Court documents say veteran Aaron Adams was reimbursed more than $22,000 for 92 trips from Pullman to Seattle for appointment travel. Turns out, according to investigators, Adams never lived in Pullman.

In other cases the feds say the vets were reimbursed for travel for days when they had no appointments scheduled.

The case is being investigated by the VA Inspector General.

I'm Patricia Murphy, KUOW News.

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