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The Battle Over Same Sex Marriage In Washington State

Ross Reynolds
06/06/2012 at 12:00 p.m.

Polls Show Gay Marriage Likely In Washington: Thirty–two times in 32 states, voters have said marriage should remain between one man and one woman. The most recent vote was last month in North Carolina. Austin Jenkins talks with a UW pollster about why he thinks Washington may make history on this issue.

Battle Over Same Sex Marriage In Washington: Same–sex marriage opponents have submitted 241,000 signatures to the Secretary of State with the hope that they will be able to secure a place for Referendum 74 on the November ballot, putting the question of legalizing same–sex marriage to voters. A vote to approve Referendum 74 would be in support of legalizing same–sex marriage and a vote to reject the referendum would be against the legalization.

Kent Votes To Ban Medical Marijuana Gardens: In Washington, it is legal to grow medical marijuana, but not to buy it. So dispensaries are illegal. What are legal, according to the state, are collective gardens where patients and designated providers grow marijuana together. But some cities are banning these gardens. Pasco banned collective marijuana gardens on Monday and last night the Kent City Council voted to ban them as well.

Sea Lions — Death By Bullet: Since April, 20 sea lions have washed up dead in Oregon and Washington. The dead sea lions have been found mainly near the Columbia River and many believe that they are being killed by fishermen who view them as competition for their catch. Environmental reporter Ashley Ahearn reports.


Frank Schubert is the national political director for the National Organization for Marriage, the group that opposes the legalization of same sex marriage.

Senator Ed Murray is a Democrat representing the 43 District, which includes Capitol Hill, the University District and other Seattle neighborhoods.

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