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UW Students March For Education

Staff Reporter

The Occupy Wall Street movement inspired University of Washington students, faculty and staff to hit the streets Thursday. A group calling for education for the 99 percent marched from the campus to banks in Seattle's University District. KUOW's Lesley McClurg reports.


About a hundred demonstrators chanted as they marched along University Way Northeast. Student activists want state lawmakers to defend higher education, stop tuition hikes and bring back essential services that have been cut in the last few years.

Dierdra Burns is in the service workers' union. Her motivation for protesting is grief.

Burns: "Grief over the 1 percent wanting to create a world in which man, woman and child are on their own and it's everybody for themselves. We have to stop this."

Police were clearly prepared for protestors. Dozens of officers lined up in front of Chase Bank and Wells Fargo. Marchers were peaceful but vocal.

They were led by the coalition's president, David Parsons.

Parsons: "What we hope at the end of the day is that legislators and other decision makers will prioritize the 99 percent when they are making decisions about how to balance the budget."

The group is planning more teach–ins and rallies in coming weeks in different locations around the city.

For KUOW News, I'm Lesley McClurg.

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