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The Beat

Art Cars and Blue Scholars

Dave Beck

Art Cars make good karma. Today on the Beat, we discover the incredible kismet of giving your vehicle the Van Gogh treatment. We also talk with Seattle's Blue Scholars about the distance between home and where you live. Also, Amanda Wilde has a tune that Sounds Familiar.

07:00 – Art Cars
Art cars make for good karma. While most of us are content with a factory paint job, a community of creative motorists give their vehicles the Van Gogh treatment. Today, Dave Beck treks to the top of the KUOW parking garage to get an upclose look at the creation of Seattle art car maven Kelly Lyles, Leopard Bernstein. Kelly's shares the quirky kismet of art car caravans.

20:00 – Blue Scholars
There is a distance between home and where we live. That's a line from the new album from Seattle's celebrated hip–hop group, Blue Scholars. It's called Bayani and on it the duo of MC Geologic and DJ Sabzi look back on the journeys their parents, their community and the country have taken. They join us is the Performance Studio to share it means for them to call the Northwest home.

34:00 – Sounds Familiar: 'Buffalo Gals'
Amanda Wilde, host of The Swing Years and Beyond, joins us with the little–known history of songs we didn't know we knew so well.