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Wash. Gov. Debate: Sparring Over Taxes, Tiff Over Tax Returns, Light Moments

Austin Jenkins


The candidates for Washington governor sparred over taxes and personal tax returns in their second official debate Wednesday night. The face-off took place on the Vancouver campus of Washington State University.

On stage, Democrat Jay Inslee and Republican Rob McKenna stood elbow-to-elbow at podiums. But on the issues they were far apart.

Early in the debate they were asked to critique each other’s plans for getting Washington’s economy going again. McKenna said business owners aren’t buying Inslee’s proposed Research and Development tax credit.

“What I’m hearing them say is that a one-time tax credit isn’t going to cause them to hire more people they need ongoing relief.”

Inslee fired back at McKenna’s proposal to allow private insurance companies to offer workers’ compensation insurance.

“My opponent’s plans I’m afraid just aren’t going to fly.”

Things got more prickly when the candidates got to ask each other a series of questions. Inslee wanted to know why McKenna won’t release his tax returns.

“Why do you feel that you’re exempt from this expectation of full financial disclosure with Washingtonians?"

McKenna responded, “I think I’m exempt from a lot of your expectations, Congressman that’s for sure."

Later, McKenna tried to turn the trust issue back on Inslee. He questioned whether voters could believe the Democrat when he says “I am not proposing to raise taxes.”

"I am not proposing and I will not propose tax rate increases," McKenna said. "We don’t need to raise taxes in this state, tax revenue is coming. It is going to grow.”

McKenna said previous Democratic governors had opposed taxes on the campaign trail only to embrace them once in office, including the income tax.

Inslee went Dr. Seuss on McKenna.

“I was not for an income tax, I voted against the income tax initiative, I am not for the income tax and I will not be for the income tax. Let’s get rid of that red herring.”

The debate ended on a friendlier note. Moderator Brian Wood of Portland television station KATU asked the two candidates –- both University of Washington Huskies -- the following critical question.

“When the WSU Cougars play the University of Oregon Ducks who do you root for?



In a brief moment of solidarity, McKenna put his hand on Inslee’s back.

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